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Why Use a Nanny Contract?

If you are asked to sign a nanny work agreement, it is probably a good idea to do so. Not only does this show you are serious about the nanny position, it also shows that you have agreed with what your employer has asked of you. If you are unwilling to sign a nanny work agreement, your potential employer may view that negatively and wonder why you have qualms about signing it.

Nanny employment contracts show that both the employer and the nanny are taking their work agreement very seriously. An employer may ask you to sign a nanny contract to ensure that you are clear on what is expected of you, what your pay will be and your benefits. It also helps alleviate nanny turnover in a home because all of the expectations are spelled out in a contract and a nanny or an employer can’t say that he or she wasn’t aware of what is expected of them. As a nanny, if you are unsatisfied with what is being asked of you in the contract, don’t refuse to sign it, just be honest and explain your concerns and ask for a new contract to be printed. A nanny and an employer can go back and forth with expectations before a final contract is signed.

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