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What Your Nanny Wish You Knew

You may be hiring a nanny for the first time.  Maybe you’re even a first-time parent.  Bringing a nanny into your home can be a blessing to all involved, but, like all relationships, good communication and a shared understanding are essential.

Candi Wingate was recently interviewed by Pregnancy magazine on the subject of establishing good communication and a shared understanding between families and their new nannies.  She shares 5 tips on what nannies wish moms knew:

1. As soon as you leave, the kids will stop crying and start playing. It is heartbreaking to hear your children cry as they see you leaving for work each day. Your natural instinct is to rush to your children and comfort them. However, your children will be fine with their nanny once you are gone: your nanny will do a fine job of comforting your children and then diverting their energies to other activities such as recreation or education. As weeks go by, your children will learn that everything will be ok when you go to work, and your daily departure will no longer be viewed as heart-wrenching.

2. Nannies don’t mind cleaning up the house, but it’s discouraging when another mess is waiting for them when they report to work the next morning. Nannies are not housekeepers. It is reasonable to expect a nanny to clean up after the children, but it is not customary to expect nannies to be responsible for all housecleaning tasks.

3. If you’re going to be 30 minutes late, please call to let the nanny know. The nanny may have obligations outside of work. By letting her know that you are running late, you give her the opportunity to notify any people with whom she has subsequent appointments that she, in turn, will be running late. Alternately, you and she may be able to make other childcare arrangements for the half hour in which you are not yet home yet she needs to be elsewhere.

4. When the nanny goes above and beyond, a thank-you note or little perk is a nice touch. Nannies, like everyone else, need to feel that their good work does not go unnoticed.

5. Notify your nanny if you have a nanny cam. Most nannies won’t care, but they do (understandably) want to be informed. Some laws require you to notify nannies of the locations and circumstances in which they cannot expect privacy (for example, in the bathroom).

Most of the rules above can be summed up in the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  By placing yourself in your nanny’s shoes, and by expecting her to place herself in your shoes, good communication and a shared understanding are off to a good start.

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