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What Woman Entrepreneurs Know about Healthy Living

It takes know-how to balance effectively the responsibilities of work and home life, to be able to keep all of life in order when there is more to do than time in which to do it.  Of necessity, woman entrepreneurs have learned a thing or two about healthy living, just to be able to do all that they do and be all that they are.  Read on for lessons from woman entrepreneurs.

  • 1. Prioritize your tasks; spend your time where it matters. No one can accomplish everything that they would like to get done in the course of a day. Rather than spending time on tasks that are of no consequence and then running out of time to attend to things that are important, it is important to prioritize your tasks (at home and work) and attend to those tasks first.
  • 2. Delegation is essential. Again, no one can do everything. Do you have an assistant who can prepare that report for your client at work? Is your six-year-old able to start assuming responsibility for keeping her own room tidy?
  • 3. Multi-tasking, when undertaken well, is also essential. While applying cosmetics while commuting to work is not wise multi-tasking, talking with your client on the telephone while simultaneously searching your database for relevant information to share with the client is. When taking your daughter to dance class on the north side of town, you can pick up your dry cleaning while you are in that neighborhood. After class, as you wait in your vehicle for her to come out of class, you can peruse your company’s income statement searching for areas where savings can be achieved.
  • 4. Lead by example. Both at home and at work, people are watching what you do and will likely emulate you, whether they intend to or not. Do you want to have staff and children that behave well? Lead well. Be ethical. Exhibit compassion. Be calm. Have patience. Listen well. Make well informed decisions based on long-term best interests of all affected parties.
  • 5. Invest in yourself and others. Invest in proper foods, clothing, information, and other resources. Fast foods can provide a quick burst of energy followed by a sharp drop in energy. Fatty foods decrease energy. By eating a well balanced diet, you can have the sustained energy to be as productive as you need to be. Similarly, situation-inappropriate clothing is contraindicated. How productive are you when you are focused on how hot or cold you are? Education is the cornerstone for professional success and personal development. Other resources to invest in include reliable transportation, relaxing music, and quality vacations. All of these investments can be made in yourself and others. Think of the foods and clothing you purchase for your children. What foods do you provide for office parties? Does your company reimburse employees for college classes successfully completed? A vacation may be a great employee-of-the-year gift.
  • 6. Protect what is important to you. Exercise. Support the arts and your community. Go green. Encourage others to do so as well.

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