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What To Look For When You’re Screening A Nanny

So you’ve done a search for a nanny and you’re getting ready to conduct interviews. What should you look for when you’re screening a nanny? These three things are helpful in the hiring process:

Be Prepared – The process of screening a nanny can be a flurry of events. You’ve scheduled times to speak with several different candidates. But before you get to the interview stage of the hiring process, be prepared with a list of what your expectations are and what you’re looking for in a nanny.

Ask Investigative Questions – Don’t forget to dig deeper and address any concerns when you’re screening a nanny. Ask questions such as how a nanny would deal with emergency situations, how he/she views her role as a nanny, and what some of the most difficult situations are that he/she has faced working as a childcare provider.

Paying Attention To The Details – When you’re going through the interview process, listen to not only what the applicant is saying, but how he/she is saying it. Is she giving you canned answers that you want to hear? Is he/she enthusiastic about working with children? How well does he/she interact with your child?

Run Your Background Checks – Make sure you run background checks such as criminal histories, driving records or any others you feel necessary.

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