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What To Do When Your Nanny Does Not Fulfill Their Duties

If you ever have an instinctual feeling that the care your nanny once provided is no longer up to par, it’s always a good idea to listen to your gut or at least investigate it. If you’re not certain if you should be letting go of your nanny, here are three signs you definitely should.

1. You see a noticeable drop in the quality of care your child is receiving. For instance, your child used to be in fresh, clean clothes and has activities to fill his/her day and now he/she seems to be watching more TV and needs a change of attire when you see him/her.

2. You should be letting go of your nanny if he/she often appears impatient with your child. Watch for his/her body language and speech to see if he/she appears to dislike being around your child.

3. You should expect your nanny to follow through with your instructions. If he/she isn’t, he/she’s either not understanding you or doesn’t respect your authority as the parent and employer. If it’s the former, try to make yourself clearer. If it’s the latter, it may be time to let him/her go.

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