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Welcome to Candi’s blog

Hi, everyone. I’m Candi Wingate, President of Nannies4hire.com.

When your business is connecting families and nannies, you learn a lot about parents, kids and nannies. So I thought I’d use this space from time to time to share some of what I’ve learned. Of course, I’m also a mom, and I’ve learned a lot raising them, too. In fact, I’ve learned a lot from them. But don’t tell them I said so; it might go to their heads. Juggling a career and a family, raising kids in a complicated – sometimes scary – world, we all cope with these issues every day. And we all know plenty that’s worth sharing. Together, we’re all smarter and stronger. So I’ll do my best to pass on what- ever I think would be helpful. And if you’ve got something you want me to share in this blog, please write to me at mail@nannies4hire.com.

I think this space will be a useful source for all kinds of information. And the occasional opinion, of course – hey, it’s my blog; I’m entitled. And I’ll do my best to make it fun to read.

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3 comments to Welcome to Candi’s blog

  • Kathi

    Hello Candi.

    Speaking of praise… Us adults need a little pat-on-the-back every now and then, too. So, … “Yay Candi! Good for you!” Thanks for your blog!

  • Ayesha

    Wondering what the standard practice is as far meals for nannies go. Are the employers supposed to provide food for the nannies or is it customary for the nannies to bring her own food?

  • Ryan Hanson

    Hi Candi,

    I just wanted to drop you a note about a wonderful nanny we have employed the over the past year. We were able to meet her through Nannies4hire.com. Now, I realize you probably wouldn’t want to have every family posting comments about how great their nanny is because there would probably be too much praise for the Internet to handle. However, our nanny, Courtney (Nanny ID# 132091), like many other nannies have become an integral part of running a happy and loving household. And with us being a couple new to having children she was a complete blessing. Our first year in parenthood has been great and much of it can be attributed to the childcare and helpful knowledge our nanny provided. But now things have changed and we’ve decided to have a parent stay at home with our child so that one of us can be home during these formative years. That being said we wish we could still employ Courtney but financially it is just not feasible. This is why I propose you develop a section for families to post recommendations and references for excellent caregivers, like Courtney. This was a difficult decision for us and being able to help a wonderful nanny and friend would mean a lot to us. This just thought but I believe this is a situation many great nannies face and I am sure there are other families that feel the same us. Just a thought.

    Ryan, Jenine & Vivian

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