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Inexpensive, Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebrations

You want to be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking your budget.  Here are a few suggestions to help you accomplish your goal.

  • Take the kids to Grandma’s house for the evening; prepare your spouse’s favorite home-cooked meal; don an outfit that s/he finds especially attractive on you; dim the lights; light some candles; play soft background music; greet your spouse lovingly when s/he comes home from work, civic involvement, errand-running, or other activity outside the home; ask your spouse questions that indicate your interest in his/her day; and listen attentively to anything and everything your spouse has to say.
  • Treat your spouse to an activity that s/he particularly enjoys and does not get to experience with frequency.  Go on a nature hike; enjoy a picnic that you have packed while you are on your hike; spend a night in sleeping bags out under the stars.  Light candles in your spouse’s bathroom, run a nice warm tub with her favorite bath oil, set her favorite book next to the bathtub, play soft background music, and tell her that you will ensure that she will have one full hour of uninterrupted “me-time” to read, relax, and enjoy.  Rent his favorite DVD and order in his favorite pizza; cuddle on the sofa while eating the pizza and watching the movie.
  • Spend an evening roller skating or rollerblading, building a snowman, or engaging in some other activity that your spouse fondly recalls from his/her youth.
  • Do something that your spouse has been asking you to do (or something that has been needing to be done) for a long time . . . something you have not done despite these repeated requests (or the apparent long-term need).  For example, get your hair cut, have his/her car detailed, complete and mail the paperwork for you to apply to college, etc.  Ensure that you tell your spouse that you have done this as a measure of your love for him/her.
  • Hand-make a Valentine’s Day card for your spouse.

Ultimately, what you do on Valentine’s Day is romantic, no matter what it is, only if your behavior makes it so.  Even the most romantic activities can be reduced to the mundane or outright uncomfortable if your behavior is less than romantic.  Conversely, everyday acts of love and service to one another can be very romantic when your behavior itself is romantic.  It doesn’t require a budget-breaking grand gesture to create romance.

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