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What to do With Your Nanny When Your Family Goes on Vacation

You are planning a family vacation.  What should you do with your nanny while you are on vacation? 

First, it bears noting that there should never be surprises in the terms and conditions of employment for any employee.  Whatever terms and conditions exist for your nanny (including how vacations are handled) should be agreed to before the nanny’s employment begins.  Further, the details of this agreement should be spelled out in the nanny contract that is signed and dated on or before the nanny’s first day of employment.

That having been specified, here are some of the many options available to you and your nanny when your family goes on vacation.

  • 1. Take the nanny on vacation with you so that you have the extra help attending to your children while you are on vacation. Taking the nanny on vacation with you allows you and your spouse or significant other the opportunity to have a less harried vacation and maybe even a romantic evening just the two of you in your destination location.
  • 2. Have your nanny use her paid vacation time while you are on vacation. By having simultaneous vacations, you don’t have to do without your nanny when you are home and she is on vacation, and she doesn’t have to do without you when she is home and you are on vacation.
  • 3. Have your nanny continue her work for you from your home while you are on vacation. Nannies can perform shopping, thoroughly clean and organize the children’s rooms, and house sit for your pets.

It is not acceptable to have a full-time nanny be without work and go without pay for the period of time that your family is on vacation.  Advanced planning and thorough communication should set the stage for a well planned vacation and a well considered employment relationship. 

From all of us at Nannies4hire.com, we wish you safe travels and a great vacation experience.

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