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Turn off Your Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

Note to Parents and Nannies:

Your kids need to feel like they have your undivided attention when they are relating to you.  They need to feel like you know them, you hear them, you value what they think and feel, and you are responsive to them.  None of this can happen if your cell phone is ringing, text messages arrive, and other electronics demand your attention, interrupting your time with your kids.

For at least one hour every day, turn off all electronic devices and spend time connecting with your kids.  How was their day?  What did they do?  What are their plans for tomorrow? 

After the hour, you may turn your electronics back on, return calls and texts, and go about the daily hub-bub of your life.

When your kids are grown, you will find that the hour that you spent each day disconnected from e-mails, tweets, texts, etc., were precious and nurturing of your kids (and yourself).

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1 comment to Turn off Your Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

  • Cindie Cook

    I couldn’t agree more. The children notice, they think they come after the device and it’s really sad. A good nanny/babysitter will not get online/text/watch television or get on the phone except when the child is napping! We are hired to interact with the child, not to ignore them!

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