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Tips for hiring a summer nanny

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…especially if you’ve hired a nanny to support your childcarenanny-with-kids needs.

Ensure a smooth relationship with your summer nanny by clearly communicating your expectations and outlining their responsibilities. 

Before you hire a summer nanny, decide if you need special skills, such as someone who is lifeguard-certified (especially relevant if they’ll be spending time at the beach or pool with your children.) Some families also prefer a nanny that has CPR/First Aid certification. Communicate these preferences in your profile at Nannies4Hire.com so you can pair yourself with a nanny that meets these criteria. How to Hire a Nanny also provides some great tips to think about when searching for a nanny.

Once you’ve hired your new summer nanny, immediately explain what the summer routine will entail.  Let the nanny know what days/hours you’ll need their help, if they’ll be transporting the kids, the children’s activities and so forth. 

Be clear about household expectations.  Do you want your nanny to fold laundry during your baby’s nap? Should all toys be put away before dinner?  Do you want your nanny to start dinner so it’s ready when you get home from work? 

Summertime often means fewer scheduled activities for your children.  Do you want your kids to continue having structured days, with certain times allotted for naps, outdoor play and crafts?  Or do you want them to have the freedom to do whatever they’d like?

Decide who will plan your children’s summertime activities. Many nannies enjoy the responsibility of planning outings, craft projects, play-dates and other adventures.

And, remember, this is a new routine for your children, so be sure to help them transition to the summertime nanny.  Mom should spend a day or two at home with the new nanny to demonstrate a “typical day,” explain the children’s routines and answer questions. 

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