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Teambuilding Activities for Toddlers

Teambuilding activities for toddlers:  what are they and why are they important?

Teambuilding activities are any activities that cause toddlers to interact cooperatively with one another.  Teambuilding activities for toddlers include:

Physical activities such as parachute games (i.e., toddlers standing in a circle, holding the edges of the parachute, bouncing balls on the parachute), drum circles, relay races, swimming pool parties, scavenger hunts, human knots, group jump rope, etc.

Creative activities such as collaborative art (i.e., group murals), collaborative crafts (i.e., group Lego construction competitions), children’s theatre, building a blanket fort and play acting a fort scene, building and racing cardboard “cars”, playing school (i.e., one child plays teacher and the other children play students), playing house, etc.

Quiet-time activities such as putting together jigsaw puzzles, reading books aloud together, singing melodic songs, etc.

Travel-time activities such as the I-spy game, license plate game, 20-questions game, singing, playing magnetic board games, etc.

Teambuilding activities for toddlers are important because the activities aid in child development.  All teambuilding activities can teach toddlers how to be and have a good friend, control their emotions, trust others, cooperate, negotiate, handle conflict well, resolve problems, communicate (speak and listen) well, follow instructions, and keep themselves and their desires in context (i.e., relative to other people and their desires).  Additionally, all teambuilding activities can teach toddlers about themselves and foster not only their self-knowledge but also their self-confidence (i.e., “I’m really good at sports, and I like to lead!”).  Physical teambuilding activities can enhance toddlers’ gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and strength.  Creative teambuilding activities can enhance toddlers’ cognitive development by giving them an outlet for creativity and creative thinking.

In sum, teambuilding opportunities abound, and the benefits are many.

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