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Recognizing and Nurturing Your Child’s Unique Gifts and Talents

Every child is born with her own unique gifts and talents.  Perhaps she has a musical gift.  Maybe she is very good at math.  Or maybe she has the soul of a dancer.  How can you recognize and nurture your child’s unique gifts and talents?

Be vigilant in watching for her gifts and talents. 

Praise her often when she does something well.

Encourage her to explore her interests by taking interest-specific classes, joining interest-specific clubs, or engaging in other activities intended to cultivate her gifts and talents.

Support her in her activities.

Provide her with the resources that she needs to develop her gifts and talents.

Allow her to drop activities as her interest in them wanes.  (A typical child will have many and varied interests as she ages.  Allow her to drop an activity that she has outgrown and pick up new activities reflective of her current interests.)

Encourage her to remain in an activity that she has only momentarily grown frustrated by or bored about. 

(Note: it can be tricky to determine if she want to drop an activity because of a permanently waning interest or because of a momentarily frustrating or boring phase in the activity.)

Help her research her interests.  For example, what are the different forms of dance?  What can a person do with dance as a career?  What kinds of music are associated with the different forms of dance?

Help her creatively solve challenges.  For example, if she has been taking dance classes and her teacher has taught her all that her teacher knows, perhaps it is time to find a more advanced teacher elsewhere who can continue her dancing lessons at a more advanced level.

By following these steps, you can recognize and nurture your child’s unique gifts and talents.

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