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Effects of Foreign Travel on Child Development

Children who are given the opportunity to experience foreign travel can reap many benefits and a few risks associated with that travel. Benefits Hands-on learning on subjects such as geography, history, economics, government, and languages. Increased appreciation for the subjects listed above (i.e., “I walked where Julius Caesar once walked!” or “The ancient Greeks had […]

Getting the Most out of Traveling Abroad with Your Children

You want your children to be up to the challenges of a global economy and the complexities and strengths of increasingly diverse communities and workplaces.   To help your children accomplish these goals, you may travel abroad with your children, exposing them to other cultures, languages, architecture, wildlife, foliage, and history, to name a few.  Here […]

The Benefits of Family Vacations For Families with Teens

Teens look forward to school breaks with great enthusiasm.  Sleeping late, no homework, hanging out with friends . . . all good!  Parents can appreciate why their teens look forward to these rare opportunities, but, at least once annually, parents should plan a family vacation with their teens . . . and, by family vacation, […]

Why Today’s Parents Are Taking Their Children with Them ~ EVERYWHERE

From fine dining restaurants to work-related travels, parents today are taking their children with them more frequently than in previous generations.  Why is this trend occurring?  While many factors contribute to this societal shift, the four main factors are presented below. 1.      Parents, who often are either single working parents or married with both spouses […]

Traveling with Special Needs Children

You and your family love to travel.  One of your kids has special needs to be considered.  Here are some tips on traveling with kids with physical or mental disabilities. Most U.S. travel destinations, hotels, and restaurants are required by law to accommodate disabled individuals.  Wheel chair ramps, elevators, wide doorways, and other accommodations are […]

Traveling With your Babysitter… Plan a Successful Vacation

You are planning a family vacation, but you and your spouse would like one romantic evening in your destination city.  Wouldn’t having your babysitter nearby come in handy then?  Additionally, by taking the babysitter on vacation with your family, you can potentially make the vacation more relaxing for the family.  When planning to take your […]