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Feeding Yogurt to Babies

New parents often have a variety of questions about feeding yogurt to babies.  Below, please find information on the most commonly asked questions. Q:  At what age can you begin feeding yogurt to babies? A:  Babies usually can begin eating yogurt as soon as they start eating solids, which typically occurs at about six months […]

Parenting Shortcuts

Most parents take shortcuts from time to time; there’s not enough time in the day to do everything to exacting standards.  To attempt to do everything with exacting standards is to set oneself up for failure, go crazy in the attempt, suffer from needless stress, and potentially damage the quality of the relationship and the […]

Things to Do While You Wait for Your Child at Practice or in the Carpool Line

You spend a lot of time behind the wheel, shuttling your child between school, lessons, play dates, and a host of other activities.  You also spend a lot of time in your car, waiting to pick up your child from practice or in the carpool line, among myriad other settings from which you often retrieve […]

Unexpected Ways Your First Baby Will Change Your Marriage

Most first-time expectant parents know that their first-borns will impact the quality and quantity of their sleep, their budget and disposable income, the division of labor in their households, and the depth of the love in their lives, among other obvious changes.  What many first-time expectant parents don’t know is that their marriages will likely […]

Easy, Healthy, and Fun Recipes to Make with Kids

Easy, healthy, and fun recipes abound; their ingredients and the food preparation teamwork necessary between nannies and the young children in their care are the makings of quality time for all involved.  Here are some great recipes ideas that yield good food and great times. Holiday ideas:  Easter eggs You’ll need hard-boiled eggs; an egg […]

Finding Your Peace While Your Baby Is Crying

We want our children to have peaceful lives, to be able to maintain inner peace and calm even when their outer environment is chaotic.  In order for our children to develop this laudable trait, we must model the behaviors that we wish for them to possess.  One of the first ways we can set this […]

How to Stop Your Child’s Recurrent Nightmares

Your child is having recurrent nightmares.  It’s distressing for your child, and you want to help.  Here are a few tips to stop your child’s nightmares. Find out what is causing your child’s nightmares.  Speak with your child; ask him what is going on in his world and what he thinks and feels about those […]

Protocol When Your Nanny Gets Sick

Your nanny is amazing: loving, patient, firm but gentle.  However, she is not superwoman: she catches a cold or flu from time to time.  You don’t want your kids to be exposed to a contagion, so you ask your nanny not to report to work when she’s sick.  Crisis averted.  But wait!  Who is going […]

Vacationing with Preschoolers

We often hear parents say something akin to, “Why should we spend lots of money to travel to fantastic destinations that our preschoolers won’t remember once they’re older?  We’ll wait ‘til they’re old enough to remember experiencing these destinations.”  This flow of logic makes sense.  So, why do some parents take their preschoolers on destination […]

Balancing Organization with Spontaneity

Parents are often given conflicting advice from well-meaning friends, relatives, and parenting experts.  For example, parents may be told that they need to be more organized (less spontaneous) to make their lives more manageable or more spontaneous (less organized) to make their lives more enjoyable.  How can parents balance organization with spontaneity to maximize both […]