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Sleep Deprivation Among Parents of Special Needs Children

Parents who are providing in-home care for their special needs children suffer from higher incidence of sleep deprivation than do parents of children who do not have special needs.  This article will cover children’s special needs that may cause parental sleep deprivation and the potential solutions to address them. Children’s Special Needs that May Cause […]

Children with Special Needs Siblings

Children with special needs siblings often feel overlooked by their parents and overshadowed by their special needs siblings.  Why?  Because, of necessity, parents and others focus on the needs of the special needs children.  Other children may get only peripheral attention.  How do these children handle this and how can parents help? Children with special […]

Traveling with Special Needs Children

You and your family love to travel.  One of your kids has special needs to be considered.  Here are some tips on traveling with kids with physical or mental disabilities. Most U.S. travel destinations, hotels, and restaurants are required by law to accommodate disabled individuals.  Wheel chair ramps, elevators, wide doorways, and other accommodations are […]