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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Childcare Options

Parents considering childcare for their children have many options at their access.  A list of some of the most common childcare options is as follows. Nanny. A nanny is a childcare provider, typically full-time, who is employed by a family to provide supervision and a nurturing environment for the family’s children. A nanny provides these […]

What to do With Your Nanny When Your Family Goes on Vacation

You are planning a family vacation.  What should you do with your nanny while you are on vacation?  First, it bears noting that there should never be surprises in the terms and conditions of employment for any employee.  Whatever terms and conditions exist for your nanny (including how vacations are handled) should be agreed to […]

Hiring a Nanny with Foreign Language Skills

According to The New York Times “Parents cite different reasons for hiring baby sitters and nannies to speak a second language with their children. Some struggled to pick up foreign languages and want to make life easier for their children. Some believe it makes them smarter. And naturally, this being the melting pot that is […]

Summer Childcare Options

You need to arrange childcare during the summer months when your children are not in school?  Options vary based on your budget and the ages of your children.  Listed below are the most common options in most communities. *Hiring a summer babysitter or nanny through nationally respected sources such as Care4hire.com and Nannies4hire.com.  Childcare workers […]