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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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The Benefits of Nanny Sharing

What Nanny Sharing Is Nanny sharing, which is the practice of joint or co-employment of one nanny by more than one family concurrently, is a concept which has been gaining in popularity in recent years.  Nanny sharing can involve a nanny caring for the children of multiple families at the same time and in the […]

Single Dads Raising Kids ~ How to Find Childcare

According to the 2000 US Census, in about 2.2 million households, single dads are raising their kids . . . no moms on the scene.  That’s a 62% increase over the preceding decade.   Single dads raising kids have much in common other parents raising kids today.  However, single dads raising kids face some unique challenges […]

Nanny Share

Many nannies prefer to work full-time.  For the nanny, the advantages to full-time work (rather than part-time work) include increased pay and benefits.  For families that employ nannies, full-time employment increases length of employee retention.  So, employing a full-time nanny is a win-win.  But what if you can’t afford a full-time nanny?  What if you […]

The Current Economy and Childcare Options

In a household with two working parents, two busy children, and one full-time nanny, what do you do when one of the parents is laid off at work?  Should the parent become a stay-at-home parent, laying off the nanny to reduce family expenses?  There are many considerations when making such a decision.  Options for creative […]