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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Survival Tips for Kids Who Don’t Celebrate Halloween

You and your family do not celebrate Halloween. Whether it is for religious or secular reasons, your choosing to abstain from Halloween festivities likely sets your kids apart from their peers in their school and neighborhood. Here are a few tips to help your kids navigate the month of October in a manner that is […]

Signs You and Your Partner Are Ready to Have Kids

Are you and your partner ready to have kids?  Here are some signs that you indeed may be. You love each other, get along well, and can resolve differences amicably.  You both are committed to the permanence of your relationship. You both want to have kids . . . for good reasons (i.e., not pressure […]

Easy, Healthy, and Fun Recipes to Make with Kids

Easy, healthy, and fun recipes abound; their ingredients and the food preparation teamwork necessary between nannies and the young children in their care are the makings of quality time for all involved.  Here are some great recipes ideas that yield good food and great times. Holiday ideas:  Easter eggs You’ll need hard-boiled eggs; an egg […]

Protocol When Your Nanny Gets Sick

Your nanny is amazing: loving, patient, firm but gentle.  However, she is not superwoman: she catches a cold or flu from time to time.  You don’t want your kids to be exposed to a contagion, so you ask your nanny not to report to work when she’s sick.  Crisis averted.  But wait!  Who is going […]

How Nannies Can Teach Children Boundaries with Peers

Nannies teach healthy boundaries (i.e., where they are properly placed and how they are properly defended) to the children in their care.  Necessary boundaries are many and varied . . . varying by topic (i.e., displays of affection, proper language in context, etc.) and by target audience (i.e., boundaries with parents, with other elders, with […]

How Nannies Can Respond to Disrespectful Children

Children who have not been taught to be respectful can be a challenge for their recently hired nannies.  Here are a few tips to help nannies respond constructively to the disrespectful children newly in their care. Lead by example.  Be firm but polite and nurturing.  For example, you may say, “Oh, my!  I hear you […]

Senior Helpers

Senior citizens often want to stay in their own homes as long as possible.  Senior helpers can help them accomplish that goal; senior helpers provide basic services such as housekeeping, shopping, personal care (help with bathing, hair brushing, dressing, etc.), and companionship for the elderly. People are living longer than ever before.  As a result, […]

How to Help Your Kids Like School

Your kids don’t like school, and you want them to enjoy the experience since they’ll be having this experience for about 13 years (kindergarten through senior year) if not more (college), and their education will shape the rest of their lives.  Here are a few tips to help your kids like school. 1. Lead by […]

RIE Parenting

RIE is an acronym for Resources for Infant Educarers.  Read on to learn about RIE parenting. When/where did it originate?  RIE was founded by infant specialist and educator Magda Gerber in 1978. What is its main tenet?  The main tenet of RIE parenting is the belief that parents and caregivers should recognize infants as complete […]

Should parents use food as a reward for good behavior?

Many experts opine that food should not be used as a reward for kids’ good behavior.  They cite the following. It can lead to kids seeing food as an indulgence, then over-indulging as they age, and then becoming obese (with all the concomitant risks associated with obesity). Not only is reward food typically high in […]