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Raising a Well Adjusted Child

How can you raise a well-adjusted child?  First, let’s start with a definition.  For the purposes of this article, let’s define well-adjusted to mean healthy, happy, balanced, and self-confident.  Think about the kind of adulthood you want your child to grow to have: surely you want that adulthood to be well-adjusted.  Think also about how […]

Conversations with Kids

Your kids are little sponges, soaking up every bit of information in their environments.  You want your kids to have outstanding verbal skills.  How can you foster the development of these skills? If you have only brief and elementary-level conversations with your kids, you will not be exposing your kids to the verbal skills that […]

Life Lessons Between Fathers and Sons

As parents, our #1 job is to help our children become healthy, happy adults who make positive contributions to their communities.  To that end, all parents should teach their children about those behaviors and character traits that are most strongly associated with health, happiness, and positive community contributions.  In addition to these gender-neutral life lessons […]

Life Lessons to Teach Your Children

As a parent, you want to teach your children to be healthy, happy, productive adults.  What life lessons do many parents emphasize? Life is not always fair, but, overall, it is still good. People are good. People may make choices that are not good, but people themselves are still good. Do not judge people. Especially […]