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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

The advice in this book comes from Candi Wingate, President of Nannies4hire.com.
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Hiring a Nanny with a Child of Her Own

You are recruiting to hire a nanny for your children.  The best qualified nanny among your candidates is a mother herself.  She has a toddler of her own, and she would like to bring her toddler with her and watch her own child while she watches yours.  Here are some things you should consider as […]

Parenting Advice for the Royal Couple

Raising a child is a long-term proposition, and it can be difficult at times as well.  Raising a child in the public eye is exponentially more difficult.  Every choice the parents make is announced in the media and subject to public scrutiny.  What follows is advice for the royal couple as they prepare for the […]

How to Hire a Nanny Who Matches Your Parenting Philosophy

You plan to hire a nanny.  You want her to handle your kids in a manner consistent with your parenting philosophy.  How can you accomplish that objective? 1. Spend some time thinking about the specifics of your parenting philosophy. If you want your nanny to match your philosophy, you first need to know what that […]

Should I Consider Hiring a Nanny Who Is a Mom?

You are preparing to recruit and hire a nanny.  What if a prospective nanny has small children of her own?  Should you consider hiring a nanny who is a mom? From a legal perspective, many states have laws prohibiting employers from making adverse employment decisions based on an applicant’s motherhood.  Additionally, federal law may be […]

Age Discrimination in Hiring Nannies?

Nannies in the job market today may face some difficulties if they are younger than 20 or older than 60 years of age.  Why is this and what can a nanny do about it? If you are younger than 20 years of age, prospective employer-families may think you lack sufficient experience to be able to […]

Setting Expectations for Your New Nanny

You are preparing to hire a new nanny.  What expectations should you reasonably have for your nanny?  How should you communicate those expectations to your nanny?   How should you implement and reinforce your expectations? Reasonable expectations for your new nanny include: regular, punctual work attendance; a positive, cooperative, caring attitude every day; good judgment; good […]

Moms Who Are Reluctant to Ask for Help

We live in a society in which strength, independence, and capability are the ideal.  If you can’t do it all, does that make you weak?  Should you be judged if you ask for help?  Below, we will discuss what is truly ideal and healthy for families. Let us acknowledge the following facts. No one is […]

The Nanny Factor: A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Right Nanny for Your Family

Candi Wingate has just published her second book, The Nanny Factor:  A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Right Nanny for Your Family.  The book’s recommendations are based on Candi’s 20+ years of experience in the nanny business.  Candi began her career as a nanny and now owns and manages Nannies4hire.com, Care4hire,com, Babysitters4hire.com and A Nanny […]

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

In today’s society, there are many benefits of hiring a nanny: 1.  COST.  If you have two or more children, it may be cost effective for you to hire a nanny as many daycare centers can cost you more.  Also, many families are using “nanny share”.  This is an arrangement in which two families share […]

Parent Expectations For Nannies

Parents can be full of worry when hiring a nanny. This is especially true for parents who are leaving their children in the care of a nanny for the first time. However, if you’re a parent who has been thorough in the hiring process and clearly outlined your nanny’s role, you should try to put […]