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Nannies and Babysitters…Etiquette for Giving Holiday Gifts to Children in Their Care

Children in our culture often see gift-giving as a means of expressing love and gift-receiving as a means of receiving love.  When a gift-giving occasion occurs and gifts are not forthcoming from a person with whom the children have a loving relationship, the children may equate the absence of gift-giving with an absence of love.  […]

Babysitting Rates

Babysitting Rates Will Vary Based Upon Experience Parents desiring the opportunity to get away from children will often seek out the services of a babysitter. Babysitting rates can vary depending on the area where a person resides, as well as what type of services being offered, the number of children being cared for and other […]

Babysitting Jobs

Babysitting Jobs Provide Extra Income Teenagers and young adults looking to earn extra income while not attending high school or university can look into finding babysitting jobs in their neighborhood. Talking to neighbors and family friends to promote your babysitting service can help obtain new clients. Other things which can help secure jobs is obtaining […]

Finding a Babysitter

A Babysitter Allows Parents Time Away A babysitter often provides for short term childcare for parents who desire to get away from their children for a short period of time, for a night out on the town, or for special work related events. When searching for a qualified candidate to care for your children, people […]

Baby sitter Provides Child Care Assistance

A Baby Sitter Provides Childcare Assistance All different types of people can provide childcare services for parents including hiring a baby sitter to be available for short periods of time. Single mothers may desire to have the sitter be available, even when she is at home in order to provide assistance with managing children or […]

Baby sitter

Whether you have one child or several, finding the right baby sitter is an important issue that involves numerous factors. In addition to finding a person who meets your financial expectations, you also want someone who you have confidence in to give care to your children. Nannies 4 Hire is a great service that does […]

Baby Sitter

Secrets of Being a Baby Sitter Any good baby sitter knows that a job well done means a great reward. While in many customs babysitting is done by a teenager as a sort of odd job, some babysitting gigs are a lot more involving. It’s true that most babysitters range in age from 11 to […]

Single Dads Raising Kids ~ How to Find Childcare

According to the 2000 US Census, in about 2.2 million households, single dads are raising their kids . . . no moms on the scene.  That’s a 62% increase over the preceding decade.   Single dads raising kids have much in common other parents raising kids today.  However, single dads raising kids face some unique challenges […]

Childcare Options

Parents considering childcare for their children have many options at their access.  A list of some of the most common childcare options is as follows. Nanny. A nanny is a childcare provider, typically full-time, who is employed by a family to provide supervision and a nurturing environment for the family’s children. A nanny provides these […]

Hiring a Nanny with Foreign Language Skills

According to The New York Times “Parents cite different reasons for hiring baby sitters and nannies to speak a second language with their children. Some struggled to pick up foreign languages and want to make life easier for their children. Some believe it makes them smarter. And naturally, this being the melting pot that is […]