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Helping Your Kids Get Excited for Summer School

You’ve heard your kids say that this summer is going to be “boring” because they “have to” take summer school.  You want them to get excited for the opportunity inherent in summer school, or at least have a positive attitude about it.  Here are some things you can do to help your kids get excited (or positive) about summer school.

*Emphasize that they’ll get to see their classmates daily, so they won’t feel the separation from them that they usually feel each summer.

*Discuss the interesting things they’ll learn about in summer school and how that information will come in handy for them.

*Discuss the fact that the summer school course is accelerated in as much as, were they taking the course in a full semester, the coursework would be spread out over a much longer period of time.

*Discuss how summer school benefits them in terms of accumulating credits for graduation, making subsequent semesters less stressful, etc.

*Discuss how summer school benefits them in terms of disadvantageous things that the kids will not have to experience by virtue of their taking summer school (i.e., your kids won’t have to get a summer job or spend a week with great aunt Bertha in Portland)

*Tell your kids how proud you are of them for working so diligently in their academic career

*Set a goal for your kids and offer rewards for goal accomplishment (i.e., if you get an “A” in your summer school courses, we’ll have a big pizza party for you and your classmates at the end of the courses)

By following these tips, you can potentially help your kids get excited for summer school.

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