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What to Look for in a Summer Nanny

Your kids are in school . . . but they’ll be home for the summer soon.  They’re too young to be home alone all day while you’re at work.  So, you’ve decided to hire a summer nanny.  What do you look for In a well qualified summer nanny?

  • 1. Like all nannies, your summer nanny should have clean background checks, get along well with your kids, model the behaviors that you want your kids to exhibit, and have the other skills and abilities that your family needs. For example, you may want your summer nanny to have her own car and be able to transport your kids to the variety of summer civic recreational activities in which they will be involved. Or you may want a summer nanny that speaks a foreign language to help your kids survive and thrive in a globally-oriented world.
  • 2. Your summer nanny should be seeking summer-only employment. If you hire a summer nanny who prefers year-round employment, she may continue her job search while she is caring for your kids. If she is hired for a year-round job, she may leave your employment before the fall school semester begins.
  • 3. Your summer nanny should be energetic and enjoy outdoor activities. In most areas, winter affords fewer opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Summer is generally the best time to take a nature hike, plant a garden, play outdoor sports, or just sit on a porch swing and take in the fresh air of a summer breeze.
  • 4. Your summer nanny should be able to think creatively to develop fun ideas to keep your kids occupied, entertained, and learning throughout the summer.

By considering the above factors when selecting a summer nanny, you should be able to find the right summer nanny for your family this summer.

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