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Summer Childcare Options

You need to arrange childcare during the summer months when your children are not in school?  Options vary based on your budget and the ages of your children.  Listed below are the most common options in most communities.

*Hiring a summer babysitter or nanny through nationally respected sources such as Care4hire.com and Nannies4hire.com.  Childcare workers available through these sources can come to you with thorough background checks so you know you’re getting someone you can trust for your children.  Interviews are scheduled so that you meet the candidates before you make your selection.

*Hiring a college student on summer break.  College students can be recruited through your local college or through a parent network in your community.  You can also recruit from non-local colleges by offering the opportunity to spend the summer in a new and distant place.  For example, if you live in Boston, a Houston college student may jump at the chance to spend a summer in Boston.

*Enrolling your children in summer school, which may be available through their regular school, an alternative school, civic organizations, or churches/synagogues.

*Enrolling children in summer youth programs through your local museum, arts center, YMCA/YWCA, Boys and Girls Club, church or synagogue, library, city parks and recreations department, or other community organization. 

*Enrolling children in summer camp.  Summer camps may be provided by your church or synagogue, 4-H, YMCA/YWCA, or other community organization.

 *Enrolling children in daycare for the summer.  Daycare organizations range from faith-sponsored daycare to for-profit daycare.

*Arranging for childcare sharing arrangements within your parent network.  In such an arrangement, two or more households take turns attending to the children.   Usually, parents to take time off work during their turn, but their turn is brief as there are multiple other households taking turns as well.  Alternately, you can partner with parents who work shifts that are different from your own, so you would watch their children while they are at work at you are not, and vice versa.

*Securing the services of a retired or otherwise available friend or family member who may be eager to spend time with your children.

Most parents select some combination of these options.  Whatever you select, we at Care4Hire and Nannies4Hire wish you and your family a safe and happy summer.

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