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Step Away from the Chicken Nuggets: Ideas to Get Healthy Foods Into Your Kids

We’re all looking for new ways to get our children to eat healthier – preferably ideas that are quick, easy and inexpensive to prepare.  Break away from the chicken nuggets routine with these ideas:

Cut your children’s sandwiches in creative shapes using large cookie cutters.  Try a fish-shaped tuna sandwich with goldfish crackers on the side for an under-the-sea themed meal.

  • Experiment with fun dips like hummus, fat-free ranch dressing and even sweet potato spread.  Give your kids pita triangles, carrots, celery and snow peas to dip.
  • Get creative with fruits and veggies.  Build a broccoli forest for your outdoor adventurer.  Create a friendly spider using a round slice of cucumber and eight pepper strips for legs.  Stick a bunch of grapes or cherry tomatoes together with dabs of cream cheese for a silly caterpillar.
  • Rely on your kids’ favorite characters.  Some marketing genius packaged edamame (soy beans) in Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants packaging, which makes the snack seem much more appealing to a picky child.
  • Create a rainbow plate.  Arrange red peppers, orange carrots, yellow peppers, green cucumbers, blueberries and purple grapes to resemble a rainbow and watch how quickly your kids gobble it all up!
  • Make a healthy banana split – put a sliced banana in a bowl, cover with yogurt and top with healthy cereal, berries and raisins.
  • Have a “mixed up meal” day, where you serve “breakfast” for dinner – kids think it’s hilarious to have scrambled eggs and toast at night.  Try serving healthy veggie pizza for breakfast and your kids will be shocked – and thrilled!

 Use a little creativity and your kids will be more willing to experiment with new foods.  And you’ll feel great seeing them eat something other than mac and cheese for a change!

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1 comment to Step Away from the Chicken Nuggets: Ideas to Get Healthy Foods Into Your Kids

  • One solutions that I find works wonders in getting the kids to eat their veggies is to offer them BEFORE the meal as “hors d’oeuvres” on a small plate, sometimes with a healthy dip. The kids think it is grown up and fun and eat their veggies right down without a fight!

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