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Choosing the Right Sport for Your Child

You want your child to be active in at least one sport.  Not only is it healthy for your child, but it also fosters social skills development, the development of motor skills and coordination, and much more.  How can you find the sport that is right for your child?

Match your child’s temperament/personality to a sport.

Is your child rough-and-tumble or reserved?  Does s/he prefer to be indoors or outdoors?  Does s/he like or dislike getting dirty?  Football is a good sport for the rough-and-tumble, outdoorsy child who doesn’t mind (or likes) getting dirty.  Swimming is a good sport for a more reserved. Indoor-oriented child who prefers not to get dirty.  Tennis is a good sport that falls somewhere in the middle.

Match your child’s physical strengths and weaknesses to a sport.

How well developed is your child’s hand-eye coordination?  Can your child run quickly and easily?  Is your child limber?  A child with well developed hand-eye coordination may enjoy tennis, football, basketball, etc.  A child who enjoys running and can run with ease and speed may do well at track and field events.  A limber child may excel in wrestling or ballet dancing.       

Match your available time with the amount of involvement required by various team sports (i.e., parent coaching, game/practice schedules, game-related travel, parent concession-stand duty, etc.)

Some sports involve a greater time commitment than others.  If a sport requires a lot of parental time and you don’t have that time available, your child will feel disadvantaged when all his/her teammates have significant parental involvement when your child does not. 

Match your budget to a sport.

Some sports involve greater expense than others.  Between lessons, uniforms, equipment, travel, and other expenses, athletics can be costly.  If you cannot afford the more expensive sports, do not get your child enthused to participate in a sport in which s/he will be unable to participate. 

In sum

By considering the above factors, you can find a sport that is a good match for your child. 

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