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Single Dads Raising Kids ~ How to Find Childcare

According to the 2000 US Census, in about 2.2 million households, single dads are raising their kids . . . no moms on the scene.  That’s a 62% increase over the preceding decade.   Single dads raising kids have much in common other parents raising kids today.  However, single dads raising kids face some unique challenges . . . and also experience some special blessings as well.

Single dads raising kids are responsible for the same parenting as single moms and two parent households.  However, single parents have to try to fill both mom and dad roles for their kids.  For dads, cultural stereotypes can work against them.   Single dads are called upon to exhibit patience as they collectively educate our society about what men are capable of, thus reinventing gender-based expectations.  Men can, indeed, bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.  And help is available for single dads trying to do just that. 

The Internet provides a host of resources available to single dads. 

Nannies4hire.com is a web-based searchable database of nannies and families seeking to employ nannies.  Fathers can list their families on the site and search the database of available nannies based on their families’ specific criteria.  The website also offers a wealth of information on how to screen, select, hire, and employ a nanny.

Care4hire.com is similar to the aforementioned website except that its focus is on babysitters, pet sitters, house sitters, and other care givers.  It too is a searchable database and a wealth of information, as noted above.

There are websites that provide single dads with the opportunity to network with other single dads.  This is relevant to child care in that two fathers in the same or neighboring communities may participate in a nanny share arrangement.  Want a full-time nanny but just can’t afford it?  Want a nanny but don’t need her for a full 40 hour workweek?   Through networking with other single dads, and using Nannies4hire.com, two fathers can share one child care provider and reap the rewards. 

There is strength in numbers, and the number of single dads raising kids is certainly growing rapidly.  There has never been a better time to be a single dad.  Single dads, this is your time to shine.  No, it won’t always be easy, but the lessons you’ll be teaching your kids will be a special blessing for you and your kids.  You can show your kids . . . and everyone else, for that matter . . . that dads can be excellent primary caregivers, nurturers, and their kids’ biggest fans.

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