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Single Parents Can Benefit From Hiring a Nanny

There has been a media frenzy around Jon and Kate Gosselin, of the hit TLC show Jon & Kate Plus Eight, and their impending divorce. 

Many are wondering how these now-single parents will be able to handle the tremendous responsibilities of raising their children as single parents.  Their tasks seemed overwhelming when they were co-parenting, and there’s now an open debate about how they’ll manage on their own.  Additionally, of course, there’s discussion about the impact the divorce will have on the children, who are used to having both parents at home.

While most of us don’t have eight young children, we can still relate to Jon and Kate’s upcoming challenges as single parents.  Parenting can be difficult under the best of circumstances and it becomes even harder without the built-in support system of having a live-in partner to help share the responsibilities.

Single parents can benefit significantly from hiring a nanny:

  • It’s an affordable childcare option – hiring a nanny is often less expensive than sending your children to daycare.
  • They can pitch in around the house, helping with meal preparation, errands, housework and more, which can be a huge time (and money) saver.
  • They offer single parents a break from the busy pace of caring for their children, working and juggling other responsibilities.  In addition to relying on their nannies while they’re working, single parents can enjoy much-needed “me time” away – at the gym, meeting friends, etc. – knowing that their children are being cared for by a capable nanny.

Nannies are certainly not a replacement for a parent, but they’re a huge help to single parents, providing mentoring and consistent, loving care.  Nannies are invaluable in supporting the needs of both single parents and their children.

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2 comments to Single Parents Can Benefit From Hiring a Nanny

  • I agree that single parents can pay less to have a nanny watch their kids than to pay a daycare.
    The kids can have a nice nanny to enjoy them around their own house.

  • Hi I am a single Mother of 4. If you are not fortunate enough to have close by family or friends who can assist you with your children then hiring a Nanny partime or even full time will assist you to reconstruct your life again. Obviously you need to be able to afford it but it can also be used to allow you to move forward by having a part time job or doing some activity you love. Single parents need more than anyone to allocate time for themselves and to socialise/date.
    Challenges being a single parent are too numerous to mention. But here are a few more great ideas to make your life as a aingle Parent easier.
    1) develop a teamwork chart (or chores chart) to have all children in house help you out.
    2) Make sure you allocate time out at least one or two hour a week for YOU.
    3) If sharing custody of children make a handover list to facilitate a smoother interaction with ex.

    Christina Andrews
    Co Founder – Single Parents University

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