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Moms Fess Up: Would You Hire a Sexy Nanny?

The Today Show‘s “Today Moms” broached the issue of whether moms generally feel comfortable hiring sexy nannies.  It got us thinking.  So, we put this question to our Facebook fans, and the response was no.  Today’s moms are generally hesitant to hire sexy nannies.  Why is this?

“Today Moms” hypothesizes that it’s about moms feeling threatened, jealous, and (to paraphrase) inferior (at least physically) to sexy young nannies.  For some moms, that may, indeed, be what drives their decision not to hire sexy nannies.  Certainly, there are stories about men who cheat on their wives by having a sexual relationship with their nannies or other in-home staff.  The latest of these stories is the Maria Shriver-Arnold Schwarzenegger debacle and Jon and Kate Gosselin.  It’s true that these affairs sometimes happen; however, they are not as common as the media projects them to be.  Still, the fact that the media hypes these salacious stories, well, it plants seeds of doubt and worry in the minds of moms everywhere.

For other moms, the decision not to hire sexy nannies has more to do with the message the sexy nannies are sending and what the outcomes can be from putting that message “out there.”  When nanny candidates identify themselves as sexual beings first (by using “come hither” pictures on nanny websites, etc.) and people who love little kids second, what does that say about their priorities relative to their potential jobs care giving young children?  Since being perceived as sexually attractive is apparently important to sexy nannies, one must ask: to what lengths will sexy nannies go to curry attraction?  Are they willing to sneak sex partners into the family home when the parents are unaware?  Are they willing to behave inappropriately in front of the children?  In an effort to promote sexual attraction (or a sexual relationship), are they willing to proceed beyond societally accepted boundaries?  Do moms want their children to see sexy nannies as appropriate role models?  Is that how moms want their daughters to be when they grow up?  Is that what moms want their sons to see as the way adult women should be?

To be sure, each sexy nanny will have her own way of handling things, so the answers to the above questions cannot be answered universally for all sexy nannies.  Also, it bears noting that it is healthy to see oneself as a sexual being . . . in a situation-appropriate manner.  Ah, but that last part is the sticking point here.  In the final analysis, moms want nannies that will be good role models for their children and teach them appropriate boundaries within our culture.  Most moms wouldn’t hire a nanny who believes it appropriate to burp loudly in front of anyone at any time, right?  Part of raising children is teaching them what our society expects of them.  Sexualizing them very early in life is not the way to achieve that.

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