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Safety Tips for Nannies

Nannies are responsible for the safety and security of the kids in their care.  That can be an awesome responsibility.  There are so many facets of safety and security to consider.  Here are just a few safety tips for nannies.

*Take a first aid course at your local community college, hospital, Red Cross, YMCA/YWCA, etc.

*Keep first aid kits handy (i.e., in the house, car, diaper bag, etc.)

*Keep your cellular telephone with you at all times in case you need to call for help

*Receive CPR certification

*Be ever vigilant for safety and security threats (i.e., that stranger who seems to follow the kids around, the sharp edges on the glass coffee table, the placement of the yummy snacks that contain peanuts to which the kids are allergic, etc.)

*Make safety recommendations to your employer-family (i.e., child gates, safety latches for cabinets and drawers, smoke alarms, baby monitors, covers for electrical outlets, etc.)

*When in a vehicle, use the lock function so that the kids can’t operate power windows in the vehicle.

*Post a list of emergency contact names and telephone numbers next to every telephone in the home and save this information in your cellular telephone as well (contact information should include the parents’ work and cellular telephone numbers, other family or friend emergency contacts’ home/work/cellular telephone numbers, 9-1-1, and the telephone number to the National Poison Control Center)

*Keep current on the news in your area so that you can be aware if specific safety threats are occurring in your area (for example, if a person has been breaking into homes in your area and harming individuals in the homes at the time of the break-ins)

*If one or more of the kids in your care is a special needs child, receive training related to providing care relative to those special needs (i.e., becoming a certified nursing assistant who is licensed to “pass” or administer prescription medications and monitor the medical health of a patient)

Above are just a few safety tips for nannies.  Well informed nannies must stay attuned to developing technologies and circumstances that increase or decrease safety and security risks to the children in their care.

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1 comment to Safety Tips for Nannies

  • Loved reading this. I agree with all that you’ve said. I always have believed that those caring for kids know first aid and CPR. Taking care of kids for others is a very big responsibility and nannies are trusted with that responsibility by trusting parents. The tips that you’ve given here have to become a checklist before any sitter or nanny takes on the responsibility.

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