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Returning to Work to Support the Family in This Tight Economy? Here Are Tips on What to Look for in Choosing a Nanny.

The world economy is faltering.  Many families that had chosen to have one parent stay at home to raise the children are now revisiting that decision out of financial necessity. 

Parents who are making that often painful decision must cope with change-related fears, separation anxiety, and resultant temper tantrums . . . and the children may need time to adapt emotionally as well. 

Therefore, ensuring that the children are attended to and cared for as well in the parents’ absence as in their presence becomes an essential part of the transition for both parents and children.  Many parents in this situation seek the services of a well qualified nanny

What should parents look for when selecting a nanny to care for their children?  Following is a list of tips on selecting a well qualified nanny: these tips target traits that may be ascertained in a nanny interview.

For the sake of consistency for the children, the nanny should be able to commit to the family for the time period needed; whether it be short-term or long-term.

The nanny should be alert and eager to help. An enthusiastic nanny won’t sit the children in front of the television while she engages in her own personal pursuits. She’ll be more likely to use her creativity to organize fun and educational activities, play games, or suggest a bike ride. 

The nanny should have a nurturing response to the children during the interview.

The nanny should engender in the children a feeling of love and safety. 

The nanny needs to be familiar with CPR and basic first aid procedures.

The nanny should possess a basic knowledge of house safety features like child locks and fire extinguishers.   

The nanny should report to the interview in a punctual manner. If the nanny is late to an interview, she will be late to work as well.

The nanny should be able to provide concrete examples of childcare situations that she has handled in the past. 

The nanny should be asking many questions about the job and what it involves. Ideally, she will have a list of parent interview questions.

The nanny should have a list of references.

The nanny should be clean, well groomed, and well mannered.  She is setting an example for your children.

In addition to the above list, which is important in all families, some characteristics vary with the family and yet are essential to the families.  Each family will need to decide what works best in their home, a nanny who is:

-strict or lenient,

-serious or possessing a sense of humor,

-in possession of a driver’s license with a clean record (if the nanny will be driving with the children in the automobile),

-familiar with nutrition (if the nanny will be responsible for feeding the children)

-experienced with and comfortable using the method of behavior modification (or punishment) that the parents prefer

By screening nannies with these tips in mind, parents can choose a well qualified nanny who minimizes the stress of the transition from having a stay-at-home parent to having a two income-earner household.

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  • Thank you for your Nannies4hire Blog » Returning to Work to Support the Family in This Tight Economy? Here Are Tips on What to Look for in Choosing a Nanny. post. You have included some very useful child behavior modification tips and information in this post. Thanks for sharing, Helen

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