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Recognizing The Special Father in Your Life

As Father’s Day approaches, what can you, as the family’s nanny, do to recognize the occasion?  Below is a list of suggestions.

1. Buy a Father’s Day card which you can give to the father in your household.

2. Help the children make Father’s Day cards which they can give their father.

3. Help the children make Father’s Day gifts to give their father. Such gifts may include plaster castings of their little hands or feet, drawings, painted pottery, etc. The children may also choose to make “gift certificates” for their father; these certificates may be “redeemed” for services from the children. Services can be specified on the gift certificates, and usually include car washing, lawn mowing, garage cleaning, and light meal or snack preparation.

4. Have a professional photograph taken of the children, frame the photograph, and give it to the father by you and the children jointly.

5. Use a digital image of a candid photograph of the children to make something fun and creative that you and the children can give the father jointly.

6. Make a video of the children doing something in recognition of their father. This can be given to the father by you and the children jointly.

7. Buy a gift for the father which you can give to him . . . something that reflects his unique interests and tastes. For example, a CD, DVD, or book that he has been wanting; a gift card to his favorite retailer, a gift certificate to have his auto detailed, a basket of golf balls and small golfing accessories, etc.

By taking these steps, you can validate the crucial role that the father plays in the lives of the children in your care, facilitate bonding between the father and his children, and foster in your employer (the father) a positive impression of your work and involvement with his family.

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