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Enduring, Endearing Bonds Between Nannies and the Kids in Their Care

Being a nanny is like having a long-term temp job.  You know, one day, the kids will be old enough that you will no longer be needed.  Or will you?

At the recent wedding of England’s Prince William to Kate Middleton, it was apparent that the former nanny of Prince William had an enduring, endearing connection to the young prince.  The former nanny’s son was a page at the royal wedding.

Both in media (“The Nanny“, a television show which portrays a lifelong bond between nanny and the kids in her care) and in real life (played out in homes across the world, including the royal houses of England), nannies are creating enduring, endearing bonds with the kids in their care.

This is no temp job.  This is a lifetime commitment to love and nurture the kids who will always be in your care.  The “job” may end when the kids are old enough, but the loving relationship will transcend mere age or employment status.

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