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The Benefits of Preschool

Many studies have shown that sending your children to a high quality preschool can have long-term benefits for your children.  Let’s discuss some of those benefits.

*Young minds absorb information at a higher rate than more mature minds do.  Children who are taught early in life learn more, are more prepared for subsequent learning, and tend to be more and better educated than children who do not attend preschool.

*Preschool attendance tends to improve self-confidence.  It is theorized that this is because early learners are discovering their intellectual capabilities and augmenting their self-confidence with each of their new skills and successes.

*Preschool attendance tends to enhance social skills.  This enhancement is due to the typically broader range of individuals that children must learn to relate to effectively when in preschool (as compared to being at home with a parent or a childcare worker).

*Because of the three foregoing benefits, children who attended preschool are likely to have better jobs and increased earnings when they become adults.

*Preschool attendance decreases the incidence of arrests, drug abuse, smoking, and teen pregnancy.  It is theorized that this is because the children have improved self-confidence and the knowledge and skills to find a healthy, positive life for themselves.

For these reasons, choosing to send your children to a high quality preschool can set the stage for their success as adults.

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