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What to Look for When Arranging Play Dates

As a nanny, you have lots of job tasks on your job description.  One of these tasks is arranging play dates for the kids in your care.  What factors do you need to consider when arranging play dates?

  • Guest kids (i.e., are the guests compatible? Does everyone get along well? Is the size of the group of kids reasonable?)
  • Location (i.e., commute time, safety, ease of supervision, attractiveness to kids, etc.)
  • Transportation (i.e., who will get all the kids to and from the location of the play date?)
  • Activities (i.e., playing sports, touring a children’s museum, going to the park, playing in the home, etc.)
  • Timing (i.e., after school, on the weekend, etc.)
  • Food and beverages (i.e., kosher-only? Vegan? No refined sugar? Do any of the kids have food allergies?)
  • Parent preference (i.e., do the parents prefer physically active play dates? Do they prefer educational or experiential play dates? Are there specific activities or locations that should be avoided due to physical limitations, allergies, etc.?)

Setting play dates appropriately can be a major job, especially when setting a play date for a larger group of kids or when trying to juggle packed schedules.  By giving careful thought to the above factors, you can master the task of arranging play dates successfully! 

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