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Parents; Do You Need Gift Ideas for Nannies?

imagesWe are often asked about gift-giving to nannies.  What is appropriate?  What is customary?  When is gift-giving usually done?    

Many variables must be taken into consideration (financial means of the employer-family, the years that the nanny has been with the family, how highly the family regards the nanny, and the occasion for which the gift is to be given, to name a few).  Also, you should know your nanny well enough (her interests, hobbies, etc.) that you can give her a truly motivational gift . . . a gift that shows that you gave thought to her and who she really is when you selected her gift.  That said, there are some gifts that are given frequently and are quite well received by most nannies.

  • Cash bonuses ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars
  • Gift certificates (perhaps to a nice restaurant, her favorite clothing store, etc.)
  • Tickets to the theatre, opera, ballet, a concert, a sporting event, etc.
  • Membership at a gym or club
  • One or more days at a spa
  • Paid vacations or paid trips home to the nanny’s community of origin
  • Vacation use of the employer-family’s summer cottage, houseboat, or other vacation-oriented luxury items
  • Cellular telephones, computers, DVD’s, or books
  • Scrapbooking materials
  • Designer purses
  • Framed photographs of your children
  • Gifts made by hand by your children

Gift-giving occasions may include Christmas and the nanny’s birthday and employment anniversary.  Gifts may also be given in recognition of a nanny experiencing a major life event (i.e., engagement gifts and wedding gifts).  Additionally, parting gifts may be given when a nanny is leaving employment with your family.

Giving a gift to your nanny is a wonderful way of expressing how much your nanny means to you and your children, how thankful you are that she has become a part of your family, and how much you look forward to her being a part of your family for years to come.

Do you have any great “Gift Giving Ideas”?

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1 comment to Parents; Do You Need Gift Ideas for Nannies?

  • 1. Toys & Games:
    Listed below are some organizations that provide valuable research and recommendations/awards for high-quality toys and games:
    • Parents Choice Foundation
    • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
    • Dr. Toy
    • National Parenting Center
    2. Books
    Always a great gift, a book can be read over and over, often passed down to younger children and future generations. Great gift for your or your children.
    3. Think Local
    Sometimes the “big box” stores won’t offer quite what you are looking for, but there may be other options in town for your nannies. Check out smaller shops and gift/craft stores for locally-made and hand-selected items.
    4. Think Global
    There are ways to involve your children in gift-giving that will have a positive impact on the world at large. For example, the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) offers the opportunity to “adopt” an animal from anywhere in the world.

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