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Parenting Introverted and Extroverted Children

Most parents acknowledge that their parenting style needs to vary somewhat based on the unique personalities of their children.  In this blog, we will explore how introverted children must be parented differently from extroverted children.

Introverted children need to be drawn out by their parents; extroverted children need to be reined in by their parents.

Introverted children need to learn how to become comfortable around people that they will interact with regularly (i.e., family, classmates, etc.); extroverted children need to learn now to become uncomfortable around people who may pose a risk to them (i.e., stranger danger).

Introverted children need to be guided on how to find comfortable space and interactions in a social setting; extroverted children need to be guided on how to find comfortable space when spending time alone.

Schedule small group birthday parties for introverted children; schedule large group birthday parties for extroverted children.

Arrive early to social gatherings so that your introverted children can acclimate and get comfortable before large groups of people arrive; arrive on time (or fashionably late) to social gatherings so that your extroverted children can have the fun of walking into a large group of awaiting friends.

Allow your introverted children daily quiet time to be by themselves; allow your extroverted children to book their schedules heavily to fit in all the activities and connections that they want.

Require your introverted children to spend at least a little time each day in social interaction; require your extroverted children to spend at least a little time each day alone.

Many other parenting style variances must be made to accommodate these two personality traits.  However, one constant is this: accept and validate your children as they are.  There are inherent strengths and weaknesses in being introverted and extroverted.  Neither personality trait is superior to the other.  By getting to know your children, accepting them as they are, making choices that play to their strengths, providing them with tools to minimize their weaknesses, and avoiding making choices that emphasize their weaknesses, you can bring out the best in your introverted and extroverted children.

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