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Parent Expectations For Nannies

Parents can be full of worry when hiring a nanny. This is especially true for parents who are leaving their children in the care of a nanny for the first time. However, if you’re a parent who has been thorough in the hiring process and clearly outlined your nanny’s role, you should try to put your fears at ease and let your nanny do his/her job. Here are several childcare requirements you should expect from your nanny.


  • You can expect your nanny to arrive on time for work.
  • You can expect you nanny to notify you in a timely fashion if he/she is ill or will be late in arriving.
  • You can expect your nanny to keep you up-to-date on any significant milestones, changes and issues regarding your child.
  • You can expect your nanny to keep you informed of your child’s activities, whereabouts, and eating habits during the day.
  • You can expect your nanny to provide a positive environment for your child where all of his/her basic needs are attended to.
  • You can expect your nanny to respect your privacy and behave in a professional manner with you and your children.

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