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Cursing in Front of Your Kids

Some parents speak (and curse) freely in front of their kids; the flow of logic is usually that they want their kids to be exposed to the real world as they know it rather than “sugar coat” reality. Other parents watch their language carefully around their kids; the flow of logic is usually that they […]

Signs that a Parent Can Spot in a Child’s Drawings that Show that the Child Is in Trouble or Needs Help

One of the primary roles that we have as parents is that of protector. If our children are struggling, it is our responsibility to help our children through the difficulty. Observant parents know that children always find ways, directly or indirectly, to let us know when they are struggling. Some children will directly communicate their […]

Age Appropriateness of Bathing Opposite Sex Siblings Together

Bath time is fun for kids. Rubber duckies, bubbles, splashing water: what’s not to love? It can be a more-the-merrier experience for your kids . . . for a while. But when does bathing opposite sex siblings together become age inappropriate? There is no magic age at which opposite sex siblings should no longer be […]

Pros and Cons of Kids Walking to School

The age-old custom of kids walking to school is quickly becoming an antiquity. Most kids these days arrive at school via private car or school bus. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of kids walking to school in this 21st century. Pros Walking is good exercise. Walking to school is one of many ways that […]

Survival Tips for Kids Who Don’t Celebrate Halloween

You and your family do not celebrate Halloween. Whether it is for religious or secular reasons, your choosing to abstain from Halloween festivities likely sets your kids apart from their peers in their school and neighborhood. Here are a few tips to help your kids navigate the month of October in a manner that is […]

The Importance of Creativity for Kids

Exposing your kids to creative experiences is essential for your kids’ physical and cognitive development.  Creative experiences can help your kids develop fine motor skills, math skills, scientific thinking, communication skills, problem solving skills, and psycho-social awareness and maturation.   Creativity is also a wonderful outlet for expression of emotions.  Does this sound like overselling the […]

Continuous Learning Opportunities for Your Kids

As the old adage goes, “We learn something new every day.”  It’s easy to take this for granted, but, as parents, we need to take advantage of the daily opportunities to teach our kids through the common experiences of living.  In question and answer format, here are a few tips to accomplish that objective. Q:  […]

Preparing to Spread Your Wings and Fly

You’re 18 years old.  You’ve graduated from high school, and you’re preparing for your first major step toward independence:  living on your own.  Here are a few things you need to know as you prepare to spread your wings and fly. Don’t sign anything until you’ve read it and agree to the terms in the […]

Early Childhood Education and Learning Strategies

Planning educational experiences for your toddler (one to three years of age) can sound like a daunting task.  Short attention spans and other issues characteristic of the toddler years can made traditional educational instruction counterproductive.  What is the best way, then, to create educational experiences for your toddler? Plan educational activities in short segments of […]

Ways You Can Lessen the Likelihood of Your Kids Being Bullied

You want your kids to be safe and happy and free from bullying.  While you likely cannot bully-proof your kids, there are some steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of your kids being bullied. Bullies tend to pick on kids that are identified as “different”.  Disabled kids, overweight kids, kids who are dressed […]