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15 Signs that Your Nanny is Not into Your Kids

Nannies should have a loving bond with the kids in their care.  How can you tell if your nanny is not making that connection with your kids?

  • Your nanny doesn’t hug your kids when praising or comforting them.
  • Your nanny stands at a distance from your kids.
  • Your nanny doesn’t smile easily at or laugh with your kids.
  • Your nanny doesn’t pitch in and help your kids when needed. (For example, if your eight-year-old daughter wants to make cupcakes, does your nanny offer to help her or does your nanny stand by and merely supervise her making the cupcakes by herself?)
  • Your nanny makes all the decisions about what your kids will do, when they will do it, and how they will do it (rather than considering your kids’ opinions about their activities).
  • Your nanny attempts to over-book your kids with activities that take them away from her.
  • Your nanny doesn’t acknowledge your kids when she walks in the room.
  • Your nanny doesn’t keep close watch over your kids.
  • Your nanny provides your kids more criticism than praise.
  • Your nanny complains to you frequently about things your kids have said or done.
  • Your nanny speaks unkindly about your kids when she’s interacting with others in your community.
  • Your nanny says unkind or intolerant things, pits kids against each other, or otherwise creates discord.
  • Your nanny is unwilling to be flexible in what she does for your kids. (For example, if one of your kids needs to change the time of drop off or pick up at a specific event, does your nanny willingly agree to the new time or does she become frustrated at the inconvenience?)
  • Your nanny seems stern and/or unhappy around your kids.
  • Your nanny misses a lot of work for reasons that seem questionable.

Not every nanny can mesh with every child.  Finding the right nanny for your kids involves good pre-hire work up front.  If you have a nanny that acts like she’s not into your kids, it’s best to talk with her about what you’re seeing and how that’s different from what you’d like.  Maybe the nanny is coming across differently than she intends.  If she really is not into your kids, then it’s time to move on.  Both your family and she can find better matches out there somewhere . . . and Nannies4hire.com is the perfect resource to help you find your new nanny, the one who is a perfect fit for your family.

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