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Nanny Appreciation Week September 19-25, 2011

As we approach Nanny Appreciation Week, let’s take a look at what it is, why it is, how to heighten awareness of it, and how to celebrate it.

What Nanny Appreciation Week is

Nanny Appreciation Week is a time for employer- families to express their appreciation for all their nannies do for their families.  After all, nannies love and attend to their children, provide their children with the same level of care and protection that the parents do, and perform a host of household duties as well.  A quick review of how the employer-families would function without their nannies highlights the important role these nannies play in the lives of their employer-families.

Why Nanny Appreciation Week is important

Nannies can often feel like an item of household furniture; their employer-families may take them for granted . . . or the employer-families may feel appreciative but not let their nannies know how they feel.  Either way, many nannies are not feeling that their employer-families appreciate their contributions to their households.

How to heighten awareness of Nanny Appreciation Week

If an employer-family doesn’t know about Nanny Appreciation Week, then it’s their nanny’s job to tactfully educate them.  For example, the nanny may say to the parents, “Our local nannies’ association has an event on Wednesday of next week in recognition of Nanny Appreciation Week.  Employer-families are invited to attend.  Would you like to go with me?”  If there is no such event in the area, then perhaps the nanny can interject the discussion into a dialogue already in progress.  For example, if the parents are speaking with the nanny casually about the frustrations in their jobs, the nanny can say, “I hear you saying that you are feeling under-valued at work.  I know there’s a Nanny Appreciation Week, but I don’t know about your field.  Is there an Investment Banker Appreciation Week or some similar occasion in your field?”

How to celebrate Nanny Appreciation Week

Many employer-families take their nannies out to a special dinner to celebrate the occasion.  Most employer-families celebrate Nanny Appreciation Week by giving cards and gifts to their nannies.  Gift suggestions for this occasion are as follows (this is intended as a general guideline only, not an all-inclusive list of gift ideas):

  • Cash bonuses ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars
  • Gift certificates (perhaps to a nice restaurant, her favorite clothing store, etc.)
  • Tickets to the theatre, opera, ballet, a concert, a sporting event, etc.
  • Membership at a gym or club
  • One or more days at a spa
  • Paid vacations or paid trips home to the nanny’s community of origin
  • Vacation use of the employer-family’s summer cottage, houseboat, or other vacation-oriented luxury items
  • Cellular telephones, computers, DVD’s, or books
  • Scrapbooking materials
  • Designer purses
  • Framed photographs of the children
  • Gifts made by hand by the children

Nanny Appreciation Week will be held September 19 – 25, 2011.  May all employer-families celebrate the special people that their nannies are and the extraordinary contributions that they make to their families and households.  Happy Nanny Appreciation Week!

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