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Childcare Lessons My Nanny Taught Me

My nanny is a seasoned professional.  She really knows her stuff, and I have learned a lot from her.  Here are a few of the many lessons learned from someone who has experience raising a variety of kids.

  • 1. No matter how much I want to be liked by my kids, I still need to be the parent. There can and should be a friendly element to the way I relate to my kids, but when the proverbial push comes to shove, my decision needs to stand. If one of my decisions makes them mad at me, then I can feel sad about that, and I can even express that sadness to them, but I have to do what I, as the parent, believe to be right.
  • 2. It’s ok for me to ask my kids’ opinions on what they would like while still retaining the ultimate decision-making authority. Asking their opinions makes them feel valued and gives them a sense that they can affect their outcomes.
  • 3. Everything I do and everything that happens is a learning opportunity for my kids. If I pay attention to what is happening, I can shape the lessons they learn from their daily activities. For example, rather than walking by the homeless man on the street, purchasing a fruit juice and nutritious sandwich and giving them to him instead may be a lesson in kindness and empathy.
  • 4. There are creative ways to address everything. Need a snack? Try a frozen slice of cantaloupe. Bored because you think there’s nothing to do since it’s raining outside? How about reading a story aloud to each other, baking favorite treats together, playing board games, or planning the family’s upcoming vacation?

These are but a few of the many lessons I’ve learned from my nanny.  I tell my kids that they didn’t come with an instruction manual, and I’d never been a mom before they came along.  My kids are lucky to have such a wise, seasoned nanny on their team.

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