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Nanny: Maid or Childcare?

As a nanny, your main job is to care for the children. If the family is expecting you to clean their home or clean up after their pets, you should question whether they are looking for a nanny or a housekeeper.


Generally, a nanny will do some light housekeeping, such as picking up after the children in her/his care. You should also be prepared to cook and make meals for the children you are watching. Most children don’t have elaborate tastes, so some basic kitchen skills are usually all that is required. If the parents expect dinner to be served for the entire family, make sure this is clearly outlined in your nanny contract that you are paid accordingly. You may also be asked to do laundry for the children.


Most families will understand that it’s near impossible to care for their children 40 hours a week and keep their home immaculate. However, if you’re looking for extra money, it might be worth asking your employer if you can do some housekeeping to help them out.

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2 comments to Nanny: Maid or Childcare?

  • Mary Lewis

    Hi: How does someone get started, when it come to become a nanny. Could you please tell me were I can go first. I love children and I have work with children for about 18 years, and did that Headstart

  • In reply to Mary’s question, how does one become a nanny. Since most parents want experience I would say the first step would be to get experience. It looks like you already have that so I would create a resume and list all the events, jobs and volunteer activities that you have participated in where children were in your care.(get some help if you need it). I would also get letters of reference from the Headstart program both from parents and your supervisors. Then start applying for jobs! Follow the proper interview practices as outlined on this site. Being a nanny is the most satisfying job I have ever had – I LOVE IT!!!!! I see my job as an opportunity to create a peaceful and safe environment where the children can be creative and feel nurtured and encouraged. Good Luck with your search.

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