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Nanny As Creative Genius

It’s all in a day’s work.  You design and build a fort, save a damsel from distress, help vanquish an opposing army, collaborate to create stunning artwork, and cap it all off by hosting a tea party for five (two humans, one puppy, one elephant, and one bear).  Diverse work tasks indeed! 

What caused you to employ such a broad set of skills?  You are a NANNY.  It is your job, your privilege, to attend to your charges.  When the children are bored, you are responsible for engaging them in fun and educational activities.  When they are upset, you are responsible for employing an effective means of turning their frowns upside down.  When they are happy, you are responsible for celebrating in ways that encourage more happiness from them.  You find ways to do all these things in a way that is age-appropriate for your charges aged three years, nine years, and 15 years.  In sum, you are a master of versatility, a true creative genius.

If there are minor abrasions, how do you make it better for your charges?  You kiss the boo-boo on the three-year-old’s knee and distract him from his wound by building a fort together; you diagnose the severity of the injury of the nine-year-old (who is awaiting your pronouncement that the injury is minor and needs only antibiotic ointment and a small bandage) and reassure the child while applying the first aid; and regarding the 15-year-old, you will probably never know about his abrasion because he barely noticed it himself.

You say that the children do not have school today because of the blizzard last night?  Is it time to bake cookies with help from the children?  Or should you play school?  Or make snow angels?  The opportunities are limited only by your imagination (and the boundaries given to you by your employer-family).

Few occupations provide people with so many creative outlets, so many diverse work settings (in the house, in the snow, at the playground, in the pool, at the ice rink, etc.), so many diverse work tasks, and so varied a group of people to work with.  To be a nanny is to be a creative genius, to be alive with all the possibilities and wonder of each new day.

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