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Temporary Nannies During the Holidays

The holiday season can overwhelm parents due to the sheer number of additional tasks and activities that most families wedge into their already busy lives.  As December approaches, many parents contemplate how they are going to do it all.  Further, many parents have to make arrangements for  childcare over the school break, while parents are at work or attending a variety of professional, social, and religious observances of the season.  What’s the solution? 

Hiring a temporary, live-out, full-time nanny is an ideal solution for many families.  Such a nanny comes to your home daily to attend to your children while you are at work or otherwise occupied.  She may work from 7:30 a.m. (when you leave for work) until 10 p.m. (when you return home from your company Christmas party) on one day, and from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. (encompassing your workday) on the next day.  On the day of your church’s Christmas celebration, the nanny will get your children bathed and dressed for the occasion, freeing you to get yourself ready.  On the day that you host your neighborhood Christmas party, the nanny will plan and supervise party activities for the children at the party.  The nanny will wrap Christmas gifts for you; prepare holiday goodies, light meals, or snacks; and help you clean and decorate your home for the holidays. A seasonal nanny can significantly reduce your holiday stress.  When the holiday season has passed, your children have returned to school, and your life returns to its normal range of activities, the nanny’s employment ends.  You can then resuming your regular childcare, such as a part-time (after-school) babysitter. 

A large database of available nannies can be found at Nannies4hire.com.  Also available is a wide variety of information on how to interview, background check, hire, and employ a nanny.

Because seasonal nannies are in great demand over the holidays, you will need to get an early start on hiring a nanny.  To edge out your competition (other families looking for a seasonal nanny) and to incent nannies to give up their own holidays so that they can be with your family, you may consider offering a pay rate that is somewhat higher than you would otherwise offer.   If you want your seasonal nanny to work overnight on occasion (for example, on New Year’s Eve), you may want to offer your nanny a bonus for overnight shifts.  Such a bonus is commonly $100.00 (this is in addition to their hourly pay for the overnight hours worked). 

If cost is a concern, consider nanny-sharing.  In nanny-sharing, two or more families share one seasonal nanny.  This arrangement can be carried out in a variety of ways.  The nanny can attend to all the children in one family’s home, or the host home can change each week.  Or, the nanny can watch each family’s children at different times and transport herself between households between “shifts”.  Or, the nanny can attend to all the children in a location that is not home to any of the children. 

In sum, a seasonal nanny may be the perfect solution to your childcare and child-related needs this holiday season.

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  • I just read the commet about the boy who told his brother that there is no santa, and the mother was upset over it. I would always tell my children that Jesus is the reason, and santa is only part of it. Without Jesus there would be no Christmas.

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