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Nannies Benefit Moms’ Health and Workplace Productivity

 According to a 2008-2009 Healthways, Inc. survey, 31% of working adults said that their caregiving responsibilities have caused them to experience “presenteeism” in the workplace and health consequences associated with stress. 

Presenteeism is defined as the circumstance in which an employee is at work but not fully engaged in productive work activities. 

Health consequences associated with stress include persistent or recurrent headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, sexual dysfunction, and a host of other medical conditions.

For moms who choose to (or need to) work outside the home, having performance evaluations reflect positively on employee productivity not only translates to a larger merit increase to base pay but also to an employee’s likelihood of getting that next promotion.  Thus, presenteeism in the workplace does not serve employees well.

Both inside and outside the workplace, health concerns are not in anyone’s best interests either.

Thus, for moms who work outside the home, the benefits to hiring a nanny in whom they can safely place their trust can reap tremendous rewards.  These moms may live longer, receive more pay from their employers, and be promoted at work more than moms who do not have quality childcare while they are at work. 

We at Nannies4hire.com are here to help you find that nanny that you can safety entrust your children to, thus reducing caregiving responsibility worries.   We have a large pool of qualified, experienced nannies.  You can select the nanny candidates that you want to interview.  Nannies4hire.com provides you the tools to perform background checks on any candidates that you wish to consider beyond their initial interviews.  Further, a vast database of information about employing nannies can be found at Nannies4hire.com.

Please visit Nannies4hire.com and let us help you relieve your stress, improve your health, improve your workplace productivity, and increase your chances for a larger merit increase and potential for promotion at work.  We are here to help make your life easier.

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