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Must Have Nanny Qualifications

Different families seek different qualifications in their nannies.  For example, a family with one or more children with health concerns may prefer to employ a nanny with a nursing background, and a family that is preparing their children to live and work in a global economy may seek to employ a multi-lingual nanny.  There are, however, some must-have nanny qualifications that are common among the majority of families who employ or plan to employ a nanny.  These must-have qualifications are below.

* Love for children

* Professional boundaries

* Reliability

* Honesty

* Positive role modeling

In order to assess candidates relative to these qualifications, a thorough review of their resume and cover letter are just the beginning.  Thorough interviewing is an excellent second step.  References checks should follow thereafter.  Families should ideally check references on all the prior employers of their prospective nanny, with the possible exception of the current employer if that current employer is not aware that the candidate is job seeking; however, for a seasoned nanny who may have an extensive work history, reference checking the five most recent jobs is sufficient.  Finally, background checks (i.e., criminal histories, adult and child protective services records checks, etc.) are useful as well.  If the nanny will drive in the course and scope of her employment, a motor vehicle records check is advisable.  If the nanny will have unsupervised access to the family home and assets, a credit report may be advisable as well.

While colleges do not commonly offer Bachelor’s degrees in childcare, many community colleges offer relevant courses.  Additionally, colleges offer majors in related fields such as early childhood education, home economics, and psychology.  Verification of educational credentials is recommended during the background checking portion of nanny candidate screening.

The must-have qualifications above are common among the majority of families who employ or plan to employ a nanny.  By following the aforementioned tips, families can screen nannies based on these qualifications.

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