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Nannies for Multiples

You have six-month-old twins.  You also have a three-year-old single birth child.  The nanny you’ve had for your toddler may (or may not) be the right nanny for your family now that you have multiples in your home.  This is because it takes a special breed of nanny to care-give for multiples.

Nannies of multiples should be able to multi-task with comparative ease and be able to feel (or at least project) calm in chaos.  This is because chaos is not uncommon when twins are young.  If one of your six-month-old twins cries, rest assured that the other twin will be crying within seconds.  How does one nanny comfort two babies at the same time?  Or how about twin toddlers running all over the house, damaging things as they run into them?  How does one nanny chase down two speeding toddlers who don’t happen to be going the same direction?  How does one nanny attend to two school-aged children, both of whom just came home from an exciting day of school and need to be heard RIGHT NOW?

Nannies of multiples need to be particularly skilled at prioritizing and maintaining healthy boundaries.  If your six-month-old twins are crying and your three-year-old chooses that moment to turn on your gas stove, your nanny needs to prioritize that situation appropriately.  When all three children are demanding her attention, she needs to be able to assess appropriately who needs to be attended to first and then move forward with a plan based on priority.  If a child balks at not being attended to immediately, your nanny needs to have the skill to lovingly maintain her boundary (i.e., “Now, Johnny, I’m anxious to hear your story, but, for just a moment, I need to change the twins’ diapers.  Can your story wait just five minutes?”)

Because of the unique challenges associated with care-giving for multiples, nannies of multiples are a special breed, just as multiples themselves often are.  We at Nannies4hire.com are here to help you find the right nanny for your family.

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1 comment to Nannies for Multiples

  • Taressa

    Amen, caring for multiples is not for the feint of heart. I was lucky?, I think that’s the right word, my first nanny job was caring for twin one-year olds… it was a crash course to say the least in organizations, scheduling, and multi-tasking.
    But for those looking to give it a shot… I loved every moment of it!

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