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Mother’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway

Nannies4hire.com has teamed up with many gracious sponsors and is offering a Mother’s Day Giveaway.  These two Gift Baskets will be given away.  For your chance to win one of these great baskets, comment on what makes you a good mother or nanny and also subscribe to our blog.  Two winners will be chosen Friday, April 30th 2010.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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14 comments to Mother’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway

  • Meghan

    I think what makes me a great mother is the fact that I always make what is best for her more important that what is best for me. We are moving from NC to NY and leaving everything we love and know just so she can be near her grandparents. Love our little girl~!

  • Glenda

    Unconditional love makes a great mother! I nanny for a family I found on Nannies4hire.com and I love those children unconditionally; just as the mother does. Happy Mother’s Day!!!! This has been an awesome site and I found the most wonderful family I could ask for!

  • Faith

    I always try to listen to what my kids have to say and then we decide the right decision to make. I love my kids!

  • Kelly Angelo

    What makes me a good mother? What a question. I really don’t think there is a way to put the answer into words. I think every mother is a good mother in some sense of being a mother. I feel like what makes me a good mother is the fact that I sacrifice everything to make my 2 children happy and to give them the best they can have. I only work 2 days a week making us very short on money just so that we do not have to put my 8 month old daughter in daycare and she can stay with my mother. By doing this I spend many weekends sitting at home while my sisters and friends go shopping and to the beach because I do not have the money to spend to go with them. I love to sit on the floor all day and play cars with my 4 year old son and have my daughter climbing on my back. My laundry falls behind my house may not look the cleanest but my kids are having fun during the day. And the best thing that makes me a good mommy is I just asked my 4 year old what makes me a good mommy he said “Um…Me Love You.” It doesn’t get any better than that!

  • Alisha

    I think what makes me a great mother is that I always put Ethan’s needs, and the needs of my hubby, before my own. I love my son dearly & show him every day! I had 2 losses (one at 5w & another at 23w)before this little one so I will definitely never take my son for granted!!

  • I would say what makes me a good Auntie, is that I have entered this contest in the hopes of winning it and passing it along to my SIL, who is due to deliver in August.


  • I strive to be a great mother by trying even when I am exhausted, enthusiastically reading Curious George for the 1,000th time, cheering over potty success, eagerly listening as my daughter reads Fancy Nancy to me and sounds out every other word and preparing endless meals. Then I go to bed happier than I imagined I’d ever be and excited about another day with the three best kids that ever lived. :)

  • lauriepea

    I have been a nanny for the past two years for my current family. My mom calls me her surrogate mother to their children. It is great to have her relize the amount of time, love and commitment I have for her children. I came on when the youngest was only four weeks old and have been there weekdays from 8-6 every day sense. I look back through all the photos I have taken, I create ” Nanny Laurie Books” with daily journals and pics to talk about each day. Wow it has been an amazing gift they have given me over the past couple years. They say what I do is a gift to them but they have given me the most precious gift, the opportunity to love, nurture and be part of this amazing ride. They are moving to California later this summer, I will miss them the hugs the I love you Nanny the sweet cuddles right after naptime (you know what i mean,when they wake up and smell like warm grahmn crackers and they are so soft and snuggly). I know that they will have nanny laurie stories to look back on as i will have baby d and z stories to cherish too. this mothers day will be bittersweet. but still mothers day. thank you

  • My friend makes a great mom because she loves her kid more than anything and will give up things to help him. I’m not really a nanny, but I hope I can enter on her behalf because I do love that kid like my own and we want him to have everything he could need.

  • Stephanie Grant

    I’m a good mother because I would litterly give my own live for my son and I love him unconditionaly!

  • Samantha

    I think what makes a good mother is respect, communication, and love for their children. Mothers should be both should be upfront and honest with their children other about everything, especially when they are older. You should be able to go to each other with any problem you have. You should not judge each other. But make sure you keep that level of respect but their is also unconditional love involved! A mother should always be there and the little things matter the most. The Good Mornings, to notes in the luncbox, to the Good nights! :)

  • what a question! but a fitting one to help moms stop and reflect on their journey.
    I am not sure what makes me a great mom. there are many htings that I would like to contribtute to bab’s life to make our of her a well rounded good citizen of the world. right now I am trying green: eating, dressing, habits, and daily life overall. Definitively not an easy feat nor one easy on the wallet.
    Above all, I beleive besides inmense love and willingness to endure the sacrifieces I must for my child, I think what makes me a good mom is getting to know about the resources out there that can contribute in their special way to the growth and wellbeing on my family such as care4hire. happy moms= happy families and i truly believe in the end of the day, that is what you database delivers. Thanks for making me take the minute to think this over, and for all you do including this fabulous opportunities!

  • Congratulations to our winners, Janet and Alisha! We appreciate all the great comments!

  • Happy Mother’s Day to all…,

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