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Moms Who Are Reluctant to Ask for Help

We live in a society in which strength, independence, and capability are the ideal.  If you can’t do it all, does that make you weak?  Should you be judged if you ask for help?  Below, we will discuss what is truly ideal and healthy for families.

  • Let us acknowledge the following facts. No one is perfect. Everyone has limitations. No one can do it all.
  • It is a matter of healthy self-knowledge to know oneself well, what one’s strengths and weaknesses are, etc.
  • It is natural to celebrate one’s strengths.
  • It is a matter of healthy self-esteem to be able to acknowledge and seek assistance for one’s limitations.
  • By working with one’s strengths and working around one’s limitations, the individual and his/her environment are more likely to succeed.

In the case of parenting, the societal expectation that moms “bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan” is daunting.  With 24/7 responsibility between the equivalent of two full-time (or full-time-and-then-some) jobs (i.e., work outside the home and work inside the home), moms typically have no decompression or soul-searching time.   Time such as this is essential for good mental health, which is in turn essential for good parenting.

Additionally, no one is good at, much less perfect at, everything.  Everyone has strengths and weakness.  That is what makes us human.  Moms who have sufficient self-knowledge to assess accurately their strengths and weaknesses are well poised to parent to their strengths and accommodate for their weaknesses. 

If a mom’s strengths include a loving nature, intelligence, and a strong ethical framework, and the mom’s weaknesses include impatience and a difficulty enjoying “non-productive” time, that mom is well advised to place herself in circumstances that play to her strengths and to try to minimize or overcome her weaknesses.  It is easy to play to these specific strengths; it is difficult to overcome these specific weaknesses.  This is where asking for help can come in.  Hiring a nanny through a source such as Nannies4hire.com will help the mom juggle her many responsibilities, and thus minimize her time demands (i.e., her opportunities for impatience).  The nanny can additionally provide the children with the fun of “non-productive” time that the children want and need to enjoy.

Children deserve the best we have to offer.  We can give our children the best we have, both in terms of what we have ourselves and what other resources we can tap to benefit our children.  Our children deserve no less.  Asking for help, then, is not a weakness, it is a strength, a sign of self-awareness and self-confidence, and a testimony to the desire of a mom to give her children the best she has to offer.

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